Does Greg Glassman even work out? Has he even ever touched a barbell in his life?

The reason why you should never trust CrossFit; it was founded by Greg Glassman, an old Wimpy looking dude, who never looks like he has worked on his life. I think he almost treats working out in fitness like pornography; he analyzes other athletes and he created his own system, Preaching some sort of “functional fitness“ concept.

Yet, proof is in the pudding. If the man has never ever taken off his shirt or doesn’t look muscular, what does it say about his program?

And also, this guy is really kind of a scumbag. There has been lots of leaked reports about him making inappropriate sexual remarks to female workers and other people, and also think he is a low-key racist. Just Google what he said about George Floyd.

Also, find the leaked CrossFit party flyers; all of these doctors in cartoon shapes banging or harassing beautiful busty looking women?