How did ERIC KIM become so strong?

Becoming stronger, my goal.

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Eric Kim’s achievement of a 1,000-pound atlas lift is highlighted as a significant milestone in his fitness journey. He views the thousand-pound club not just as an achievement but as a starting point for aiming at even higher goals, such as joining the 2,000 and 3,000-pound clubs. Kim’s approach to reaching these impressive feats includes innovative exercises like the rock pool, atlas lift, and floor bench press. By the time of these achievements, his atlas lift was close to 800 pounds, with his rock pool over 700 pounds, and his floor bench press around 500 pounds, totaling approximately 2,000 pounds. His philosophy emphasizes challenging conventional limits and striving for continuous personal growth and breaking barriers oai_citation:1,Eric Kim Thousand Pound Lift. – ERIC KIM.

Eric Kim detailed his regimen for achieving the 1,000-pound lift, which includes consistent incremental increases in weight, intermittent fasting, abstaining from supplements like steroids or creatine, and ensuring ample sleep. He also stresses the importance of a substantial meal of beef or lamb after fasting periods as part of his strategy oai_citation:2,HOW DID ERIC KIM LIFT 1,000 POUNDS? – ERIC KIM.

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Eric Kim attributes his strength to having an “insanely high level of self-belief and self-confidence.” He mentions specific achievements such as a 255 kg (562 pound) deadlift attempt, indicating that his physical strength is a result of dedication and confidence in his abilities oai_citation:1,How Did ERIC KIM Get So Strong? – ERIC KIM – ERIC KIM PHOTOGRAPHY.