More acres?


Scavenge, repurpose cheaply.

Save money

Anti flabby

Upend cost structure concepts

“Right” or being “wrong”?

Time will tell.

Accelerate the pace of innovation

Fitness Innovation

How much risk are you willing to tolerate?


Border on the reckless?

Become more nimble.

Jealousy versus envy?

Tight control.

Tight feedback loop — innovate on a daily basis.

Brain strategy

Be like a hawk! A Guard dog!

Foreign investors?

How to design the factory?

I am addicted to innovation!

“fuck oil”

“Production quality”?

“Assembly line”?


“Ultra hardcore”


“Wacky idea”?

Matter of first principles.

What should a camera be?

Or, what is a camera?

Blue sky wacky.


Anti stasis.

Why do you care for, what don’t you care for?

For example, I don’t really care for space.

Mission-driven pioneer.

Physics problem

Pare down the contents of your knapsack

Obsession with reducing weight?

Delete or trim ***

Venture seeker.

The true holy grail?

Different order of magnitude?

Relentless goal to conquer gravity


How to cram more power into it?

Muscle through!