A turbo thought: perhaps that which is best is anything that has to do with standing. Not lying down. Not sitting.

For example, let us consider the grandeur of Achilles. How do real men battle? Stand. Either throwing around big rocks and killing one another, throwing spears at one another, sword fighting, and funny enough, even when conducting battle with vehicles, they would actually be in some sort of armor chariot, standing, with their slave assistants driving them around, and then they would do the dirty work of throwing around the spears.

Or, sprinting and trying to catch each other.

Standing, outdoor computing?

Then perhaps it is a really good idea to have an iPhone Pro, or an iPad Pro, doing work outside, standing, preferably walking around, instead of being inside a cramped indoor space.

The other day I was at the park and talking to a mom, and I realized; it is so interesting that kids love being at the park, whereas adults seem to be calm socialized into preferring to be indoors.

Robust vs feeble physiology?

Another big observance I’ve made; there are some individuals who prefer to be indoors, hate the light, hate the brightness. I think of these people like gremlins or goblins from the Lord of the rings. They prefer the dark, maybe it is because they have some sort of feeble physiology.

However, for myself,