Becoming Healthier


First, intermittent fasting during the day. This means no breakfast no lunch, only one massive dinner a day.

Also the only beverages to consume is plain water, tapwater, and black coffee. I prefer 100% fine robusta, ERIC KIM OMAKASE COFFEE.

Also, quit alcohol, quit wine, this includes red wine, white wine, and all these other nonsensical beverages. Quit sparkling beverages, whether they be “zero calorie“ or not. In fact a new trend that I am approaching is just sticking to simple tapwater or filtered water.

Real Spartan men drink only tap water!

Also, don’t consume beer, hard spirits, whiskey etc.

Also, quit all starches, “vegetables“, fruit, etc. Fruit is just candy with a good conscience, and essentially all vegetables are starchy and sweet eventually, causing you to accumulate body fat.

What to eat?

Beef, lamb. Preferably fatty. The redder the better.

For beef, my first preference would actually be organ meats. Beef liver is a natural steroid. After that beef is also pretty good. And also beef tongue. I also love beef intestine, large intestine is my preference, then beef small intestine.

In terms of beef flesh meat, I like the meat close to the bones, beef ribs. Then after that, ground beef, either 8020 or 75/15. Preferably 100% Grassfed, I also recently discovered this really great Wagyu American ground beef at Costco. If you want to save money, beef brisket is pretty cheap. Very easy to cut up into cubes, and instant potted, or thinly sliced the fatty pieces and pan fry it!