How to Become

Become, Becoming:

What does it mean to become, and why does this matter?

The first thought is you and things are not static. They are dynamic, changing, advert evolving, ever rotating etc. I don’t think there’s really an ideal and state or goal. Rather, the end outcome is that your continuously become you, or become something different.

Anti finality

A weird thing is that a lot of people seek completion, or some sort of final end state and goal. What I personally believe in is that in fact, this isn’t and shouldn’t be the desired and goal. Instead, ever changing, ever ever evolution, never ending is better.

The end state and goal is not a zen peaceful tranquil life

In the past what I believed the end goal in state was was towards were achieving some sort of truly blissful peace, send, tranquility, emptiness. Now upon much consideration thinking meditation and contemplation and life experiences, I’ve actually discovered this is not the way. And also not the desired end goal.

On the contrary, my thought is perhaps the point of it all in the point of our lives is to seek ever greater challenges, hazards, danger, things to test our courage and will.

Thoughts in progress

What I love about philosophy is that it is a never ending journey. My only desire in life is that I continue having personally interesting thoughts until I die, whenever that is.


My thought is that the goal is to last, to endure. Even our best friend Nietzsche said that durability is the number one thing of value for humans!