Gym Thoughts

Sleeping a bit earlier last night, and waking up earlier today, around 5 AM, some of the things I am grateful for the gym, just even the local ghetto LA fitness gym:

First of all, the night prior, I used a clever dripper, ground up some phenomenal ERIC KIM OMAKASE COFFEE, and started steeping a very very strong cup of coffee. A problem that I’ve been having recently is that I’ve been waking up earlier before Cindy and Seneca, and grinding the coffee in the morning wakes up Cindy. As a consequence the night prior what I have been experimenting with is grinding the coffee before hand, and then beginning to steep and brew the coffee the night prior, and when I drain the coffee first thing in the morning, it is very very strong, the way I like it, and I could immediately drink my cuppa coffee, put on my gloves, walk downstairs, jumping the car, just drove over to the closest LA fitness gym.

I think the problem is if you wake up early, or even wake up in general, typically your apartment or home is small and cramped. Even if you live in a big ass house or a mansion, I think ultimately we have a lust and passion for other people, and as a consequence, we want to be part of society and the real world.

Even when I consider college, studying sociology, in general, I think ultimately at least my passion is other people. I think all of us to some degree love society and want to be a part of society.

A creative Zen Temple?

Of the great things about just joining any local gym, commercial gym is the hot sauna. Honestly I think nowadays, 99% the reason why I like going to the gym is for the hot sauna. Even as I voice dictate these words into my iPad Pro, just connected to the LA fitness guest Wi-Fi here, it is a good place to think meditate and ideate, and also jot down your thoughts.

I’ve recently been doing more “off the grid” workouts, and it has been mostly good. I love being outside, being in the outdoors, fresh air, Drex, getting a nice tan. Yet when you wake up at 5 AM, and it is dark and cold outside, I have no interest in being outside.

Then perhaps, maybe there is some sort of Hybrid model here; when the weather is nice and sunny outside, best to be outside working out outside, in the sun, but when it is still cold, wet, damp and frigid outside and dark, better go to the gym!

Big spaces

Another big benefit that I personally find of going to the gym, depending on what gym you have, is the big open space. A place we can stomp around, talk loud, without worrying about upsetting or waking up others. my new definition of a good gym:

A place in which you are permitted to be loud.