Wrist Strength

When doing a floor bench press, at 5 plates or six plates, it seems that the weak link is my wrists, my wrist strength.

When I think critically about it, maybe that’s too much force for one’s wrist to handle that much force. It seems a lot of weight lifters use these wrist wraps, which I actually think is more dangerous in the long run, as you never really build your true wrist strength.

I thought I had before is that perhaps any type of pressing or pushing is bad; only focus on doing pulling, or lifting motions instead.

But how does one build a really big chest? Then perhaps the goal is to not build a big chest. Or instead, adopt some sort of neutral grip; doing heavy dumbbell presses off the floor with an arched back.

The problem with a standard overhand grip is that you have less tension or strength in your wrists. To build greater wrist strength, only neutral grip.